Dieses Monster stammt von der offiziellen Internetseite von Wizards. Da meine Gruppe zu jenem Zeitpunkt allerdings schon relativ hochstufig war, habe ich es nach den Regeln des MM etwas verbessert und, um es in das Abenteuer einzupassen, etwas modifiziert.
Die Illustration habe ich nach den Beschreibungen auf jener Internetseite während einem vorangegangenem Rollenspielabend angefertigt (Abenteuer machen kostet Zeit. Da muss man jede Gelegenheit nutzen :) ).


undead, CR 12; Size G; HD 36d12; 15ft. reach!, HP 390

Init -4 (-4 Dex); Spd. 30ft.;

AC 17 (-4 size, -4 Dex, +15 natural), touch 2, fllat-footed 17

Attack slam +24 melee (slam 3d6+13)

SV Fort +12, Ref +8, Will +20; AL CE; Str 28, Dex 3, Con - , Int 5, Wis 10, Cha 17

Skills and Feats: Climb +17, Intuit Direction +4, Listen +8, Spot +5; Power Attck, Weapon Focus (slam), Improved Critical (slam), Cleave, Great Cleave

Special Qualities: DR 15/+1, SR 20, undead traits!

Desiccation Aura (Su):

30ft. each round Fort DC 19 or 1 point of Con drain (moisture seeps from victims body through the skin and slips through the air toward boneworm) -&gt heals 5 points of dmg or exess as temp. HP of the boneworm; no more than 5 each round even if more living creatures are near

Disease (Ex):

hit by slam attack -> Fort DC 19 or contract bonefire; incubation period instantaneous 1d4 temp. Cha dmg and 1d4 temp. Con dmg (no successful first save: 1/d afterward save; two successful in a row: recovered from disease) -> fever as bones pulsate with light and heat; stink of cooked flesh; after two hours without treatment bones become visible; dead body infected for a week -> skeleton burns in a spectacular flash of light;

touch inflicted dead or alive person: Fort DC 19 to avoid infection

Dreadful Chanting (Su):

mouths chant ancient hymns and prayers (like swarm of giant flies); 90ft. Will DC 19 mind - affecting, sonic fear effect -> shaken (-2 on attack, weapon dmg, saves)

-4 Will for divine spellcaster + Concentration check DC 20 + spell level to cast spell in area of chanting

Undead Traits:

immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, necromantic effects, mind - influencing effects, and any spell requiring a Fort save unless it also works on objects; not subject to crit. hits, subdual dmg, ability dmg, ability drain, or energy drain; negative energy heals it, and it is not at risk of death from massive dmg but is destroyed at 0 hp or less; darkvision 60ft., resurrection only if willing