Dwarfen Dust Armor

Dwarfen Dust Armor

Dies Rüstung war eigentlich für einen Zwergenkrieger gedacht, aber da dieser aus der Gruppe ausgestiegen ist, hat sie letztendlich doch eine Diebin und Magierin bekommen.
Ich warne aber davor sie zu früh ins Spiel einzuführen, da dies ein sehr mächtiges Artefakt ist, welches leicht das Gleichgewicht in einer Gruppe durcheinander bringen kann. Empfehlen würde ich sie etwa ab Level 17.

Silanthequi, a female half-elf sorceress, who was banished from elven society because of her evil experiments with elemental creatures captured in this armor. She used it as an easy way to meet her loved prince Thorarin, who was protected by his family and a fortress prepared for anyone trying to enter.
As she nevertheless feared to be detected, the armour was designed to appear to be for men from the outside, but constructed for woman in the inside.
After Thorarin married, her sorrow tortured her to suicide. Since then a lot of adventurers started for the search of this legendary item, but it was said to be lost for a long time...

This +1 spiked full plate armor offers a +9 armour bonus at -1 armour check penalty, 15% arcane spell failure, no affect on speed and no weight.
Beside this first stage of the armor being fully visible there are two more stages of the armor:

Secondly, it can be worn invisible, only discovered by magic or as a thin layer of fog covering the wearer with a spot check DC 15.
In this form the armor bonus is reduced to +1, but the armor check penalty and the arcane spell failure also decrease both to 0.

Thirdly, the armor transforms the wearer into gaseous form. The effects are the same as in the description of the spell in the Player's Handbook.
Additionally, the wearer does not loose the +9 armor bonus while in gaseous form, can fly at a speed of 50ft. and gains the extraordinary ability of a Belker to attack with smoke claws as described in the MM. The Fortitude save is DC 18.

This third stage of the armor can only be pertained 30 minutes per day, which don't have to be consequent, whereas the wearer can use the other two stages indefinitely.
Changing the stages takes one round, but isn't seen as an action of its own as the wearer doesn't has to concentrate on this process an thus can take other actions meanwhile.