Elven Archer

elf archer

Meine Vorstellung von einem elfischen Bogenschützen. Wobei dieser hier eher als ein Mitglied einer größeren militärischen Einheit gedacht ist, als ein im Wald umherschleichender Späher und Scharfschütze. Doch schon in Kombination mit ein oder zwei elfischen Nahkämpfern sind diese Bogenschützen sehr effektiv.

An elfen archer acts very thoughtful. Normally he knows the area, in which he attacks very well. He takes advantage of it best by taking cover behind natural obstacles or shooting down from higher positions. Trees are favoured for both usages.
He always cares for a possibility to flee. In the case of a tree this would be e.g. a rope at the end of a long thick branch, over which he could run and climb down quickly.

Elfen archers are hardly heard. Even bigger troops often split and surround the opponents unnoticed. They always put attention to natural conditions, which could reveal them. E.g. the quality of the ground is important for them, on which the opponents could track them, as well as the wind, which could carry noise with it.
Depending on the situation elves, even the archers, also charge directly at their opponents. Attacking elves do not yell but just run. Humans, dwarves and orcs often experience this as very irritating or even creepy. It nearly looks like the choreography of a dance, when they arrange themselves new in the drive of running.
Elves normally don't have a steady fighting formation. Thus they can react much more flexible to the development of the battle. Suddenly, however, one realizes a certain order and the archers separate from the melee fighters and position themselves in the back.

The formation is nerver symmetric, for here they follow the guidelines of the landscape and the enemy, too. Volleys are rarely seen. Every arrow is aimed.
Even though the opponent already is in melee combat, elven archers can strike their target. They hardly ever hamper themselves mutually. Even at the climax of the battle they try to find out where the other elves are and what they are doing. They seem to intuitively know how to play part in the fight best or whom they urgently have to help.
Many an archer departs from main battle, uses his skills in hiding and attacks the enemy unexpectedly from a different side.

Elves like to welcome human opponents with deadly shots at dawn, when they especially benefit from their good eyes. All in all the elven fighting tactics never are uniform, often surprising and creative, but always follow a certain order and aesthetic.

Not in battle the archer spends a lot of time with checking and caring for his equipment especially for his bow and arrows. In contrast to e.g. dwarves he does this not because of pride of trade or to impress others, but to be sure of its reliability. Only a clean armor doesn't make noise and is durable. An elfen archer never forgets putting new arrows into his quiver.

Most elves are fond of music and games. Thus there are a lot of elf-games, which are played with a bow e.g. a contest, in which the elves shoot at a high flying arrow, before it comes down. Music can be played with a so called "fluting arrow", which several elves in different pitches shoot into the sky paying much attention to the wind in order to send a wonderful placid melody over the land; a strange and impressive event among archers, who normally aim their arrows quietly and precise at their enemies.

Elven Archer,

male elven Figh 6; CR 6; Size M; HD 6d10; hp 43

Init +4 (+4 Dex); Spd 30ft.

AC 21 (+4 Dex, +6 Elven Breastplate +1, +1 Dodge)

Attack +9/+4 melee (+3 Masterwork Scimitar 1d6+2 18-20#2); or +10/+7/+10 ranged (+1 Masterwork Mighty Composite Longbow (+2 Strengh) 1d8+3 20#3 range increment 165ft.)

SV Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +3; AL LN; Str 14, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 10

Languages Spoken: Common, Elven

Skills and feats: Climb +8,Hide +9, Jump +8, Listen +3, Search +2, Spot +3; Immunity to magic sleep spells and effects, +2 racial saving throw bonus against Enchantment spells or effects, low-light vision, automatic Search Check within 5 ft. of a secret or concealed door; Weapon Focus (Longbow), Point Blank Shot, Dodge, Far Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Specialisation (Longbow), Rapid Shot


Quiver Pouch, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (1d8+10 hp), Potion of Endurance (1d4+1 Con for 14h), Elven Bracelet of Hiding (+5 Hide), Quiver, 15 arrows, 5 arrows +1

+1 Elven Breastplate: Type M, Armour Bonus +6, Check Penalty -3, Max Dex +4, Spell Failure 25%, Speed 30ft., Weight 25 lb., Special Properties: can only be worn effectively by elves, because this armour is especially made for elven anatomy