Gauntlet of Blinding

Gauntlet of Blinding

Ein Handschuh gedacht für Diebe oder Dieb-Klassenkombinationen. Vermutlich waren die Charaktere schon zu hochstufig, als ich ihn in meiner Gruppe ins Spiel gebracht habe, da er kaum benutzt wurde.
Ich schätze die richtige Stufe für diese Kombination aus Waffe und Werkzug liegt bei etwa Level 5.

This gauntlet functions as masterwork thieves' tools giving the wearer a +2 circumstance bonus on Disable Device and Open Lock checks.

But its main feature is the blinding effect. A crystal vial on the forearm contains 3 worms. One worm at a time can be injected into a victim by performing a melee touch attack. Doing so does not provoke an attack of opportunity for the gauntlet is considered a weapon.
The worm moves through the opponent's body searching for his eyes. 1 round after the injection the eyes of the victim are totally eaten and he is permanently blinded as through the spell.

He suffers a 50% miss chance in combat (all opponents have full concealment), looses any Dexterity bonus to AC, grants a +2 bonus to attackers' attack tolls (they are effectively invisible), moves at half speed, and suffers a -4 penalty on Search checks and most Strength- and Dexterity - based skill checks.

Because the worms are breed beasts, unlike the spell any effect of the gauntlet is non-magical and consequently cannot be dispelled.
No Saving Throw is allowed.
The victim doesn't realize the injection itself even if he wears any kind of armour (including natural armour).
Only humanoids can be blinded, for the worms are not able to eat through any other creatures.

The worms regenerate at a rate of 1 per month. Once the gauntlet is put on, metal claws hook into the skin and wires tap the wearer's veins to provide the worms with nutriment from his blood.
The wearer has to consume twice as much food as he usually does to avoid suffering from a -1 penalty to his Constitution score.

The gauntlet can be put off with minimal wounds from the wires (no affect on hp), but the worms will die in 1d10 minutes.

In addition it can be used as an ordinary spiced gauntlet dealing 1d4 piercing damage (twice on critical hits only on 20).

It has no weight.