Greater Anchor

Greater Anchor

Nach längerer Pause mal wieder ein original, getesteter Gegenstand meiner ehemaligen Rollenspielgruppe. Zu empfehlen ab etwa Level 12.

This resembles a thin silvery chain with a tiny anchor at its end, which seem to be no longer than one foot.
If thrown, the chain streches out up to 30ft.. If you throw the anchor at a creature and hit it with a ranged touch attack, the anchor gets hold and vanishes, leaving only the chain between you and the target. This chain has four effects on the target:

First, it cannot move (whatever mode of movement it has) from the place where the anchor hit it unless it makes either a successful strength check or will save (DC 20).
When attempting to do a strength check up to two other creatures may help by pushing providing a +2 bonus to the strength check each.

Second, the creature cannot use any form of spell or ability that would alter its position or appaearance.
This includes planar travel, teleportation, shapechanging and invisibility.
The creature may use a full round action to do a will save (DC 22) in order to get rid of this effect.

Third, all such spells and abilities currently active are cancelled, returning the creature to its normal form and limiting its existance to the material plane.

Fourth, the creature's load is increased to maximum, affecting speed, check penalty and armor class as well as the actual weight of the creature.
There is no way for the creature to reduce its load, not even by putting down equipment. Its load remains at maximum, except if the creature exceeds its maximum load.

All of these effects last for 10 rounds, except the load increase, which lasts for one hour. None of these effects can be dispelled, however, an Antimagic Field or similar effect stops them from affecting the creature as long as it remains inside.