magical beast

Ursprünglich ist dieses Bild inspiriert durch einen Fischkiemenparasiten, von dem man wohl aber kaum noch etwas merkt ;)

An Ásilus is a fierce, aggressive creature with two tusk like horns on his head. Its massive hornplates give it an insectlike appearance.
An Ásilus is nearly the size of an elephant. It has a long, surprisingly mobile tail with an impressive sting at its end.
The color of its skin varies from gray to grayish-brown to lighter brown with the actual skin being always much darker than the hornplates.
The larvas are brightly white or sometimes slightly yellow. They are the size and weight of a loaf of bread and easily fit into a normal backpack.

Though meeting an adult Ásilus can be quite a problem, their larvas are very practical. They constantly produce a nutritive substance, which smells similar to honey, but from which one adult human can live without having to eat or drink anything else. The larva itself does not need to eat or drink anything at this stage.
Unfortunately this liquid can't be preserved for more than 10 minutes, because after that it disintegrates into several odorless gases. Thus the larva should best be carried with oneself the whole journey.

The larval state lasts for 1+1d4 weeks. Adult Ásilus, which are hermaphrodite, carry 1d6 larvas in their abdomen.
The larvas only hatch, if their parent dies, after around 12 hours, but often adventurers cut them out before, because either they want to take advantage of them or they just don't know and look for meat or anything else.
After 1+1d4 weeks the larva waits until everyone around is asleep. Therefore it has a special sense, which allows it to detect all heartbeat frequencies in a 15ft. radius. At the DM's decision monks and elves of 8th level or higher can try to fool this sense (Wis DC 22).
A larva only metamorphoses, if it can be sure that at last one sleeping person with a heartbeat is around. The extremely fast metamorphosis to adult stadium takes 1d4 rounds. It is possible to realize the metamorphosis by noise (Listen DC 14, +4 for sleeping characters; DMs should assign if the larva is stored in or nearby objects, which would make additional noise by the growth of the larva).
As an important survival strategy the sudden metamorphosis doesn't leads to any disorientation of the adult beast. It instantly starts to eat the first nearby creature or, if anyone around is awake, it attacks in order to get its first meal and be able to produce larvas itself. An Ásilus always fights until dead.

Ásilus were probably originally bred by wizards or sorcerers in order to make use of the larvas secretion, but overlooking the adults, which have become unexpectedly dangerous.

Of course the characters won't know everything, if they meet an Ásilus for the first time or didn't explicitly look for information.
The DM should make hidden knowledge checks (nature or arcana) or in this case also intelligence checks in order to find out what the characters know.
The following table shows the amount of knowledge depending on the result of the check. Of course a character will also know all the other information for the lower results than his.

Check result Known Information
18 Ásilus have larvas inside them and there is something (unknown) special with these larvas
22 Ásilus larvas secrete nutritive substance
26 Ásilus larvas will metamorphose to adult stadium in around 1 month
28 The metamorphosis only takes place if everybody is sleeping and at least one sleeping person is around

If there's enough room, Ásilus usually starts combat by charging at its opponents. When fighting it makes use of its poisonous sting and its horns and it relates on the cover by its thick hornplates.


Magical Beast, CR 10; Size L; HD 10d10+40; HP 96

Init +4 (+4 Improved Initiative); Spd. 30ft.;

AC 22 (-1 size, +13 natural), touch 9, flat-footed 18

Attack gore +17 melee (gore 1d8+12), sting +12 melee (sting 1d6+4 and poison)

SV Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +4; AL TN; Str 27, Dex 10, Con 19, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 8

Skills and Feats: Listen +8, Spot +8; Alertness, Improved Initiative

Climate Terrain: Temperate and cold land and underground

Organisation: Solitary, or pack (2-8)

Treasure: None

Advancement: 11-13 HD (Large); 14-22 HD (Huge)

Poison (Ex):

Sting, Injury, Fortitude save (DC 18); initial and secondary damage 1d8 temporary Dexteritiy 750gp