Der erste Charakter, den ich extra für diese Internetseite erstellt habe. Einzeln zu Verwenden als Bauern-Ork oder auch im Paket mit Hof :)
Der Hof Gorths ist gut als Rastplatz für SCs geeignet, an dem sie ihre Vorräte auffüllen können, vorausgesetzt natürlich, sie können Gorths Vertrauen gewinnen.
Der Ork soll den Spielern auf längeren Reisen etwas Abwechslung bieten, die nicht wie häufig aus eingestreut angreifenden Wildtieren oder Monstern besteht. Auch eher wildnisfremde Charaktere, wie etwa ein Barde, können sich so gut einbringen.

Gorth was a foundling. He was raised by human parents. They were poor farmers, who lived in a small village away from most travel routes. Being distrusted by the other villages his parents tried to bring Gorth up to be a down-to-earth and diligent farmer.
When Gorth's mother became blind and finally died because of a terrible illness (Blinding Sickness), the adept of the village saw the reason in the horrible appearance of Gorth.
Thereupon Gorth started for a three summers and winters lasting journey into the wilderness. On his travel he came across marauding gangs of orcs several times. But these also never integrated him into their clan and often vented their spleen with smacks and kicks on Gorth.
On raids against unwary wayfarers he learned a lot in leveraging his innate rage. But nightmares tortured him every night during this time caused by his guilty conscience and the partly human blood, which was running through his veins.
Finally he left the orcclan and built up his own farm as far away as possible from human or orcen settlements.

Gorth does neither like orcs nor humans. At first he is very suspicious of strangers (initial NPC attitude: Unfriendly/ influencing NPC attitude vgl. DMG, Chapter 5, Handling NPCs, NPC Attitudes).
If strangers have acquired his trust though, he willingly invites them into his house and hosts them for free. Gorth does only speak relatively broken common and generally doesn't talk much at all.
He does like listening to people and loves tales and stories. If he is asked about his past or the reason for his lonely live, he only very hesitantly answers and mainly talks about his childhood in the village. Gorth accuses himself of being responsible for the illness of his mother and is pricked by his conscience. Simultaneously he seems to have had fun killing people.

Gorth's farm consists of two buildings, the main house and the barn. You can download a map here.
The farm is surrounded by vast meadows, because Gorth mainly lives from his 20 cows and one bull. He needs the grass for feeding them. The cattle can be found most of the time grazing on these meadows.
Gorth will be nearby at day. At night he drives the herd into the gate or, especially in winter, they are standing in the stable. There are five horses (3 light horses, 2 heavy horses) in the stable, too. He would sell them to trustworthy PCs for a small gift (50 gp for each light horse, 175 gp for each heavy horse). He would lend these horses only to very good friends without charging money, even though he transports his milk and other products to the next village once a month.

If Gorth, his animals or his belongings are threatened in any way, he quickly falls into a bloody rage and kills every opponent with misunderstandings often being the cause. If his rage ends before he has killed the attacker, Gorth will try to flee on one of his horses or by foot.
Because he loves his farm and his animals, he would try to come back at night and fight the attackers again, if they still were at the farm. He would not fight to death.


male half-orc Bbn3/Com2: CR 5; Size M (5 ft., 6 in. tall); HD 3d12+2d4+15; hp 51;

Init 0 (0 Dex); Spd 40 ft.;

AC 12 (10) (+2 Leather Armor);

Attack +4/+4 (+6/+6 / +2/+2) melee (2 Sickles 1d6+4 20#2), or +4 (+3) ranged (Sling 1d3#2 50ft. range/ used with ordinary stones);

SV Fort +6 (+8), Ref +1(+1/+0), Will +1 (+3); AL CG; Str 18 (22/16), Dex 10 (10/8), Con 16(20), Int 9, Wis 11, Cha 10

Languages Spoken: Common, Orc

Skills and feats: Climb +8, Handle animal +2, Intimidate +2, Jump +6, Listen +6, Profession (farmer) +2, Profession (herdsman) +2, Spot +4, Swim +6; Uncanny Dodge (Dex to AC), Rage 1/day for 8 rounds), Alertness, Ambidexterity

Possessions: Purse (3sp,45cp), belt pouch (flint and steel)