Ring of the Forsaker

Ring of the Forsaker

Hier habe ich einmal wieder selbst etwas modifiziert, um den Ring noch interessanter zu gestalten.
Sicherlich sollte dieser Ring erst mittel- bis hochstufigen Charakteren zur Verfügung stehen.

This ring is a quite powerful item and a contradiction in itself. It has no magical aura, and thus can not be detected by any spells detecting such auras.
There are no obvious signs of magic like a mysterious glowing or similar hints, though the ring seems to show some natural reflections on its matt surface. The ring is made of an undefined material.

It offers continual protection in the form of a +2 deflection bonus to AC, +2 to all Saves and Spellresistance 17 for the wearer.
On the other hand all magical items which are held or worn in the same hand (not arm), temporary loose there magical effects as under the influence of a very strong antimagic field.

All effects of the ring are only active, when the ring is worn.