Dieses Artefakt ist für Charaktere der Stufe 15-18 geeignet, die nicht viel Wert auf ihr Äußeres legen ;)

The headband grants its wearer +3 natural armor at the cost of a -3 penalty to his Charisma score.
The Trollband's appearance is really disgusting, at least to non-trolls, and influences the whole outer skinstructure of the wearer.

In contrast to these effects, which are automatically acitvated, when the headband is put on, the following effect can be activated at will, while the headband is worn.
The wearer gains Fast Healing 5 as described in the MM, Reading the Entries, Special Qualities.
With the first round this Special Quality is maintained by the wearer a Fort Save DC 20, +2 for every round thereafter, is required to avoid not being able to activate Fast healing 5 for 1 week again.
Activation is considered a free action and maintainig doesn't require mental concentration. The wearer can only use this effect, if he knows about it.

Putting on the Trollband is a move equivalent action. The Trollband weights 1/2 lb.