Auch dieses Einhorn habe ich nie in einem Spiel verwendet, würde aber grob geschätzt sagen, dass das CR eher etwas überhöht ist, zumal es sich ohnehin um ein gutes Wesen handelt, dass niemanden grundlos verletzen würde. Die Charaktergeschichte soll beispielhaft sein, kann so aber natürlich auch direkt übernommen werden.
Bei einer Begegnung mit den Spielern kann Rhaen'Shagya sowohl auf Wanderschaft sein, als auch inzwischen in einem festen Wald leben. Vorstellbar wäre es auch sie als ungewöhnlichen Auftraggeber in Zusammenhang mit einer Bedrohung des Waldes einzuführen.

Rhaen'Shagya is the daughter of the mare Luem'Kaleya, the guardian of the forests of Northhavel. She doesn't know who her father is, but was told that he wasn't of pure blood. Only chosen beings were allowed to stay at Luem'Kaleya's realm.
The woodelves of Northhavel lived at its borders. They knew Rhaen'Shagya since she was born. Eledhwen, the queen of the woodelves helped her mother giving birth to Rhaen'Shagya and the fierce foal liked galloping through the beautiful homelands of the elves, where she was very welcomed.

But early in her live Rhaen'Shagya had to see the dead of her mother with her own eyes. A horde of orcs and trolls passed over the borders of Northhavel, invaded Luem'Kaleya's realm and ambushed the unicorns. Luem'Kaleya tried to fend the attackers, but they were too many and came with fire and heavy bows. The power of the unicorn wasn't strong enough. She fell under the arrows of the orcs.
But Rhaen'Shagya was saved by the woodelves, who came too late to help her mother, too. They were forbidden to enter the inner forest, but luckily flouted this law.

The elves adopted the lonely and distracted foal. They cared for her and she acquired wisdom and knowledge in the art of magic from them.
With the help of the elves Rhaen'Shagya improved her magical talent as a unicorn, because she wanted to find her father and a new forest, which she could make to her home. For she didn't want to reign the realm of her mother after it's earth was tainted with her blood and the pain, grief and horror could be felt in every branch and bush.


female unicorn Sor 1, CR 4; Size L; HD 4d10+1d4+25; 5ft. reach, 10ft. with horn!; HP 45

Init +4 (Dex); Spd. 60ft.;

AC 19 (-1 size, +4 Dex, +6 natural), touch 13, fllat-footed 15

Attack Horn +10 melee (horn 1d8+8), 2 hooves +2 melee (hoof 1d4+2)

SV Fort +9, Ref +8, Will +7; AL CG; Str 19, Dex 18, Con 21, Int 10, Wis 19, Cha 26

Languages Spoken: Sylvan, Common, Elven

Skills and Feats: Animal Empathy +11, Concentration +7, Listen +11, Move Silently +9, Spot +11, Wilderness Lore +9 (+12 in its forest); Alertness, Spell Focus

Magic Dircle against Evil (Su):

continuously duplicates the effects of the spell; ability can't be supressed by unicorn

Spell-Like Abilities:

detect evil at will as a free action; once per day teleport without error within home forest (not out or into it); three times per day cure light wounds and once per day cure moderate wounds as 5th-level druid (touches wounded creature with horn); once per day neutralize poison as 8th-level druid (touch of horn)

Immunities (Ex):

immune to all poisons and to charm and hold spells or abilities

Sorcerer Spells Known (5/11):

0th -- Detect Poison, Flare, Ghost Sound, Resistance. DC 18
1st -- Shield, Sleep. DC 19


horn (+3 magic weapon, though power fades if removed from unicorn, used for various heal potions and devices, worth up to 2000 gp), 3 Cuilanor plants (lesser restoration, when eaten) somewhere in forest